Chatting about type, time and letters, everything in between and anything else. Creating ugly shapes and smooth letters, half finished Glyphs files and shuffled alphabets.

Five Thirtii, as known as FVTY, 530, or Type Club is a type collective, created by students who do daily practise of typeface. Organising workshops each week that focus on generating new ideas in shape and form. A collective that can be run by anyone allowing easy experimentation with ideas and processes. Not tied down to one way of working, the activity could pay no respect to conventions whilst the following workshop does.


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Rietveld Building 1.24, Onderlands 9,
6828CE Arnhem, the Netherlands


Font software distributed at FVTY is under either one of License agreements, End User License Agreement or SIL Open Font License.

The former you can read the document below,
––– End User License Agreement fvty_eula.rtf

the latter license text be included in DOWNLOAD zip with the font of your choice.