B ad TYpogrpahy

A workshop on exploring bad typography and is there really such a thing as bad type? Or just bad graphic design? Let's find out!

Workshop Materials:

Fast advertisement (flyers, folders, etc.) / bad design found on the street.
A3 sheets of paper - bigger sheets of paper.
Pens, pencils, scissors, knives and glue.

Workshop guidelines:

  1. Take a letter or number from the provided material(s) and blow it up as big as you can on the sheet of paper, try to make the letter or number as precise to the original as you can, focus on the details of the font.

  2. Take a letter and object from the page and try to combine them around the first big letter that you have made. Get experimental, try to make combinations that you would not see in the wild.

  3. Free for all, rip/cut the provided material apart and add it to your poster. Get creative!

  4. Exhibit your final creation!