A suggestion for type design as smooth as auto-complete.


I like the smoothness of texting. With auto-complete it takes the stress away from painstakingly tapping away at the virtual keys on those tiny screens. The middle ground between thinking something and doing it is removed. There is little interference from the tool that you use to get your thoughts down. Any whim or thought is easily rendered; the tool you use fills in the gaps and the result is presented and finished in seconds.

It is similar to DWIM computing which was an idea that computers could be programmed to DO WHAT I MEAN rather than simply executing a series of commands in strict protocol. If someone makes a mistake the computer would just figure out what they intended and do it.

Can type design ever feel like the autocomplete function on your phone? You tap one key and the next is suggested to you. The form of character is slowly revealed to you as you continue to supply an input.

This workshop was the first in (hopefully) a series that explored and tested out ideas of FULLY AUTOMATED/AUTOCOMPLETED type design. Tools that I have made to auto complete certain aspects of the design process are passed on to you in order to see the entailing results.