First Day, First Letters.

First day, First letters. An introductory workshop for the first years to explore the possibilities of type design, experimenting with shapes and forms, scaled up scaled down, flipped and rotated. In the end working together to create their first exhibition of the school year.

An introductory workshop to TypeClub 530 experimenting with shapes and forms to create letters and numbers. Beginning of the day will be an individual exploration. Sketching on paper with pens and pencils. The end of the day will be a challenge to combine, form and scale in teams of two or three.

Workshop Schedule/Rules:

  • Pick a letter. this will be your letter for the rest of the day.

  • Pick a limitation.

  • Begin sketching your letter with the limitation in mind. you have 10 minutes for this.

  • Switch limitations with somebody nearby.

  • Another 10 mins to sketch the same letter with the new limitations. These steps will repeat a few times.

  • A small walk around exhibition of everybody’s letters.

  • TEAM UP — team up with the people who share the same letter as you.

  • Show off all letters with your team and choose your favourite letter that you sketched from each person.

  • Find your window together.

  • Now you will combine all your letters in some way to form one last final letter. will you average them out, choose distinctive characteristics or something else you will be using the window as a frame. A sort of exhibition to the outside.

  • Remember the letter you make on the window must be reversed! it won’t be readable from the outside otherwise!!

  • Walk around and explain your letter to the group. As a last grand exhibition!!