by Dongbin Han, Benjamin McMillan and Prang Sayasilpi

Carving makes the letter fine, Brushing makes it organic.
Stamping makes it dynamic, and folding makes you curious.
The means of letter creation change the way in which they look.
The way of writing letter determines how they look.

This time 17:00, January 17th, participants made letters with paper by hand. As an appetiser before the type–marathon held in HFG Karlsruhe by No-foundry, The subject we got for workshop session was the origin of type. From there, we could place this time back to when there would be no designed tool for texting. Then let's say only by hand and with the canvas where the text will be on, to tell the story of yours.

Within around 100 minutes, participants explored folding practices to create new letters. By practising
how to fold, the A2 size flat white formed into an 3D object.

  • Could these new shapes hold new letters and meanings? What about the relation between the 3D object and the 2D shadow? Do they mean the same thing? Do the 2 forms look different or are they the same? Do they relate back to the stamp and the printed page, the chisel and the stone carving?

# STF, Karlsruhe, papier