sssanctionTransfers by Dongbin Han

Grey boring Rietveld building is ready to be sanctioned.
Because their presence annoyed you loudly.
Cold, dry walls and floors are ready to be touched.
Because the surface becomes faded as time moves towards winter.
Can they get sanctioned in order to get fresh impact?
Should they be touched so the warmth comes back?

Spatial-language speaking, the school is giving different tones of visual expression to me. Such as the grid-based structure scheme of the building, There are lines of wholes on the ceiling where the modular wall partition can be placed with. With a moment of contemplation when my glance is at one of those wholes, may because I felt boring from a mundane class. I saw the dawny shadow inside the recessed whole and to enter an imagination how this building would look like if the interior of the space be different. Beside the structure of the building, its surface is characteristic that its colour 'grey' is so grey. That certain grey that the building used for its interior of walls, ceilings is shows that the building has no colour but grayscale. they pale tone sometimes makes me very annoying that it's so clean of identity. So I have eager to scratch something on it.

Surfacial-Language speaking, by walking through hallways of the Rietveld building, you can see classroom number signs, stencil logotype nicely designed on the windows, Big human-scale photos hung on walls. These visual languages, they can somehow make you feel uncomfortable. These well-done preparation are too moderate and those visuals foretell a coming moment that it will be destroyed by any chance. This is the time to punish them with your letters. This week, you are going to encounter different kinds of surface in school and let them be touched. By touching, the wall will be released from a lock. By using Action Transfers, by rubbing the Letraset* papers on the skin of the building, you hope they get big youth again with the warmth. With a hope, our building shall be emancipated from the grey colour by getting flushed (typographically?).

*Letraset was a company known mainly for manufacturing sheets of typefaces and other artwork elements that can be transferred to artwork being prepared. Letraset has been acquired by the Colart group and become part of its subsidiary Winsor & Newton. (From wiki)

Thanks for all of you who came to join, it was HOT - young thug!

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