Wooden lettertype, Broken taxidermy

Welcome to join THE BLOCK PRESS, a publisher of postcards using wooden blocks, wooden types ! it was run by Dongbin Han and Kasper Quaink on Wednesday, 20th FEB 2020.
*Workshop with Arnhem-Student-Point that is a organisation situated in Parkstraat Kelk(as well as Parkstraat Gmeente).

From Botanical Taxidermy to Wooden Lettertype

While discussing on project with Kim van Dorst, a classmate in GDA, I got a word 'Taxidermy' from her, which stands for "the preserving of an animal's body via mounting or stuffing, for the purpose of display or study. Animals are often, but not always, portrayed in a lifelike state" (from Wiki)

Before the fine surface of dead body is gone, Taxidermy captures to anti-age the surface from air. It's kind of toxicating the body, Chemical fluid cover the surface of the specimen. It becomes hard and immortal to be paused at a certain time where the youth are still. Although its process is different than embalming which preserve all the deceased body, it only cares about the skin. Because the function of Taxidermy is documentation of species that people needed a collection of animals with preserved like a living-being. Therefore, the quality of the outlook is important in taxidermy making.

In broader sense, the array of taxidermy portrait would include other bodies than animal as long as it keeps the state of the skin. For an example of "Botanical taxidermy", plants are used to be preserved in a glassbox. Conceptually it doesn't really matter how it is made to look like the speciman, as long as it looks same. According to that, there's people who does vegan taxidermy with paper. At least they used same source of (manufactured) plant, and amazingly it mimicked the outlook of the plant. Maybe better than the original.

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