Window(s) in our lives.

Ever catch yourself staring out of your window thinking about life and where we are all going in life and if we are even real and stuff?

Ever catch yourself staring outside your window and thinking about that you need to exercise more often and go out for walks and stuff?

Ever catch yourself staring AT your window and thinking, huh this is a nifty device i wonder how i could use it?

Take a step away from your digital window and move yourself over to physical window in your living space.

We are going to make use of your physical window and the most loveliest thing on earth. LIGHT!

Your window is your canvas, grid, artboard, whatever you can think of.
Use something in your house to stick on or place in front of your window and create a wonderful shadow type.

Start early, lets say when you see the first patch of light hitting your room, make a coffee or tea , get your ass out of bed and put a word, letter or sentence on your window. And the best of all when the day passes on your creation will change with the sun. Its like a natural variable font. Amazing!!!

Take a couple of pictures during the day and you’ll have a nice past time activity to look out for during the day!!

By Kasper Quaink